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Absentee by Mail Ballots Issued since 3/3/2020 to those without Personal Identifying Information in the SEIMS System

NoDL 4.14.2024 joined with ABM files since 3.3.2020
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Fact Check This

Source of Data:

  • Absentee Files - you want every Absentee Statewide file since the 3/3/2020 Election.

  • Ballot Request Type: Mail.

  • Only select records with a Ballot Request Date after 12/31/2019 (see Numbered Memo 2020-03, below).

  • The Ballot Send Date reveals when the ABM ballot was issued.

  • Ballot Return Status is of no consequence. The ABM ballot should never have been issued (sent) if the voter's SSN-4 or DL# wasn't verified.

  • Public Records Request #24-74 - Registration Records missing Driver's License # and/or SSN-4.

  • Missing SSN=Yes, Missing DL=Yes,

  • All records except those in Removed status.

  • Only consider the ballots that were issued in the same county as the voter's county on this file.  

If you're an Excel user, you can enable Power Pivot to extract the rows you want. THANK YOU to the Patriot, who shall remain nameless, who clued us in to this super tool. It's been invaluable.


Relevant portions:

DMV ID Number vs Driver's License #

Well MAYBE all of these registrants provided their "number of the special ID card for nonoperators", not a Driver's License #.


Is the DMV ID Nonoperators License # stored in a different field in the database from the Driver's License #?


One wouldn't think so:

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