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Mailbox Dwellers on NC's Voter Rolls as of 9.2.23

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Statewide list of Mailbox Dwellers - 9.2.23
Download XLSX • 274KB

Excel File:

  • Download the excel list, above.

  • Filter by County.

  • Email this list to your County Board of Elections Director, and ask for a response from your BOE, indicating that they received the list.

With the list, please let your BOE Director know it looks as though the residential address for these voters is a maildrop location, not a residence. If indeed their stated residential address is a mailbox location, based on § 163-82.4(4), they are illegally registered voters in your county.

The Contact information for your County Board of Elections can be found here.

Important: let us know at the name of the county and the date they were provided with this information.

Counties already sent are as follows (so you don't have to).

  • Beaufort

  • Brunswick

  • Davie

  • Johnston

  • Mecklenburg

  • Rowan

  • Wake

  • We see quite a few have clicked on this link. It's best that the County BOEs only receive ONE email, but if you don't inform us you sent it so we can post the County name here, it is what it is. We don't want to overwhelm the BOEs with multiple emails regarding the SAME issue, please. Thank you!

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