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NC Election Time-Series Review

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Draza Smith breaks down the NC 2020 Election over time.

How to Steal an Election

by Draza Smith

Step 1: Inflate the voter rolls a high as the population to have as many phantom voters as possible

Step 2: Determine the state's target percentage for the national key - for pre-ordaining the distribution of EC votes.

Step 3: Do a Seth Keshel analysis. Predict actual turnout based on previous info, pop change, registration change, enthusiasm and predict the actual outcome

Step 4: See of the numbers in Step 3 will get you to Step 2 values. If not - calculate the anticipated deficit.

Step 5: Order that the deficit (plus margin) mail-in votes are printed equally from various precincts to hide the bulk you are stuffing in favor of the unpopular candidate

Step 6: Count the returned ballots (deficit votes and real votes) first. This should be a large number to set the partisan margin. This will also set the expectation for the race as these numbers are presented first. Slew the reporting of the numbers (PID style) to be able to control the percentage ratios and monitor the outcomes If the registered Democrat voters return too many Republican votes, "find" pallets of ballots that you didn't know where there! Covers the new deficit, but looks a little fishy. If the turnout is much greater than you anticipated when you calculated the deficit, Then begin swapping your real voters ballots with a phantom mail-in ballot so you can get rid of the phantom voter later or - just digitally toss them out.

Step 7: After final results are tallied, run a vote distribution optimization algorithm - no rush here - we got like 10 days to get this done. Then access the voter database at the state level and assign the people that have "voted" the deficit ballots so that it fits Dr. Franks curve, doesn't break any precincts and has a reasonable distribution in each county.

Step 8: Clean up the voter rolls as much as possible while no one is looking to remove the phantom voters you didn't need

Draza's Voting Recommendations

1.No mail-in voting, only for military or special, special conditions

2.Return the voter roles to be managed by each county

3.Precincts of 200 people

4.Volunteers from the precinct to run the elections.

5.No machines - only paper ballots

6.Anyone from the precinct can come count the votes, but no one can come count the votes unless they live in the precinct

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Stunningly impractical ideas here. NC alone would need 35,000 precincts. Conservatively estimating 4 poll workers per precinct that's 140,000 poll workers who would need to be recruited, background-checked, thoroughly trained in election procedures, supervised, and paid from taxpayers' dollars. Never gonna happen.

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Great ideas. Our present State Board of Elections is not requiring signatures on absentee which is against our State Constitution. Any ideas on how to remedy this in NC.?

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Antwort an

Not sure where you got this misinformation from (or maybe you just made it up yourself?), but it is now and for many years past has been the case that NC absentee voters are required to sign their ballot container envelopes, precisely as required by NC law. Oh, and by the way: there is no absentee ballot signature requirement in the state Constitution. Wherever did you get an idea like that?

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Wonderful Ideas!

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Gillian Grannum
Gillian Grannum
11. Jan. 2022


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