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Summary of Identified Issues with NCSBE Data and Processes

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

List expanded on 3/22/2023 and 3/23/2023. This is not a complete list of all issues with the Election System. These are only those identified when analyzing Same Day Registration.

  1. Current Voter Registration and Voter History files are created weekly, but they're not archived. Instead, they're overwritten.

  2. VR Snapshot and Provisional files do not contain the voter's birth *year. (*Actually, having access to the full birth date on the VR Snapshot, Provisional and Current Voter Registration file is required to identify potential duplicate and deceased voters.)

  3. VR Snapshot and Current Voter Registration files do not contain voter registration application date information.

  4. Number of records on the Voter History file does not match Official (reported) Voter Turnout at the time of any given Election, and the number of history records for each Election decreases over time.

  5. Reported Voter Turnout on the NCSBE website does not always match the Voter Turnout figures on the Official Election Results pages on the same website.

  6. Number of records on the Absentee file for any given election does not match the number of records on the Voter History file, even a month after the election is certified.

  7. Voting Method used by voters on the Absentee file does not match the Voting Method used by those voters on the Voter History file.

  8. UOCAVA voters (military and overseas citizens) should be identified using fields separate from the Voter Status and Voter Status Reason fields. A separate identification should distinguish UOCAVA military from UOCAVA overseas citizens. These identification codes should be made public on the VR Snapshot and Current Voter Registration files.

  9. Voters who re-register should be required to fill out, sign and submit a new application. Voters' registration date in the SEIMS system should reflect when a voter's most recent application was processed.

  10. New Voter Verification Mailings should be mailed to voters' stated residential address.

  11. NCSBE should follow 163-82.10A, or be fined and/or face criminal charges for not doing so. Laws without consequences are considered suggestions.

  12. Has the current NCSBE Executive Director published a Numbered Memo about the Voter Verification process, because at least one BOE Director admitted, and the data shows, a repeated violation of 163-82.7(c).

  13. Would the NCSBE like Dr. Douglas Frank to explain his methodology and the data he used to determine an algorithm is in place to contrive the reported results? Or is sticking their collective heads in the sand their desired approach?

  14. What are the meanings of Unverified, Unverified New and Verification Pending status reason codes?

  15. Why does only one IT person at the NCSBE know this answer?

  16. Why are voters' ballots counted when their Voter Verification Mailings were returned Undeliverable?

  17. There were 1,080 ballots cast in the 2022 Election without a matching registered voter on the 11/19/2022 NCVOTER file. How did this happen?

  18. Why aren't all voters shown in Removed status in their previous county when they move to another county? Some are, but not all. Why is that?

  19. Is there enough time to Verify New Voters when they register during the Early Voting season?

  20. Is the identification proof documentation for those who register by mail retained digitally?

  21. The current NC Voter Registration Application does not comply with Section 303 of HAVA 2002. Driver's License number is required if the applicant possesses a DL. If not, the last 4 digits of the applicant's SSN is required. These fields can only be left blank when the applicant possesses neither.

  22. The NCSBE is required by HAVA 2002, Section 303, to match the data contained within the voter registration database and the DMV database to verify the accuracy of the information provided on voter registration applications. Furthermore, the DMV is required to verify the information in the DMV database with the SSA. Is this happening, and how often is this happening during same day registration?

  23. When the first verification mailing is returned undeliverable, what is the need for a second verification mailing to be sent to the same address as was used in the first mailing?

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